Extremely Addictive game: Merge all the globs by clicking on the 6 buttons on the top to change the color of your top left corner "working glob".

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More details:When two globs that are the same color touch each other they merge into a larger Glob.

Merge with all the Globs on the screen in under 25 moves to continue to the next level.

Tip: Change the color that has the most globs surrounding your working glob.

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Globs - Extremely Addictive game: Merge all the globs by clicking on the 6 buttons on the top to change the color of your top left corner "working glob".

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DescriptionExtremely Addictive game: Merge all the globs by clicking on the 6 buttons on the top to change the color of your top left corner "working glob".
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User: sm
Globs won t load for me

User: sam
Globs won t load for me

User: Cortney
Know that if you score OVER their top scorer all time you score will not save it really takes the fun out of the game

User: Cortney
apparently punctuation does not work for comments also Really nice YOU CAN T SCORE AT ALL as in it will not save IF YOU BEAT THEIR ALL TIME RECORD HOLDERS

User: Sean
Yes - scored over 4 trillion at level 15 and wouldn t let me post my score either

User: pravin

User: pravin

User: Country_Girl
This game is stupid

User: Ambeyyy_Baby
Ahahahaha i can t get past level 3 haha how stupid of me

Can t seem to pass level six any helpful hints?

User: Tina
I agree. I just scored over 13 700 000 000 and thought I would see my name first and it did not record either. It said no scores yet today. That STINKS

User: Charlie_Barber
High score limit is a bug that s all - report to jack smack and they might do something about ti

User: Timz
Have had what must be the high-scores as it wouldn t save for me but how did those other high scorers get saved and listed?

User: Timz
To Queenie re hints I try to get across the board tentacle approach rtaher than filling the next color as per their hints - their hint works ok for the first few levels but not later on. At move 14-16 I should be ready to eliminate colors ie the last of the yellows etc and get done each level by move 20-21 - until the level I lose at

User: Timz
It seems you can t register a score higher than 10 digits. I got 90 405 331 081 with a screenshot to prove it. Kind of a frustrating bug Maybe I just get to the highest score able to be recorded and then quit the game so I can be registered as 1

User: StephieRose
I liked it thank you

User: Zully
Comment Saqué 7.474.806 y no me los han contabilizado a las 9hs 30 m del26 de Octubre ¿Que les pasa?

User: Kayleigh
how addictive?

User: Kasshiee
couldnt find it at first; but now i did D

User: Mrsupole
For the last few months it does let you register your score for as high as you can go. It lets you go as higher then in the Trillions and whatever comes after that number. Maybe zillions but I have gone 30 levels and it now registers the score. Maybe it depends upon which site you use but the one I use lets me go that high and others go higher.

User: nithin_george
very good

User: Rodrigo
I do like the manner in which you have femrad this specific challenge and it does indeed supply me some fodder for thought. On the other hand because of everything that I have observed I simply just wish as other reviews pack on that folks remain on point and don t embark on a soap box involving some other news du jour. Yet thank you for this outstanding point and whilst I do not necessarily agree with this in totality I respect the point of view.

User: rffwtu
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User: uejrtagxp
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User: cmrqwre
vXOx0e uccjusuetnvh

User: vzcvptnkbb
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User: .l.

User: .l._middle_finger_
not bad but its kinda boring

User: .l._middle_finger_
not bad but very boring

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